Privacy and Policy

Our security system is well maintained by a batch of cyber security team, who are vigilant to avoid any kind of data embezzlement.

When you log on to our website to buy biker boots, you are asked to fill in a small format before you could browse further.

Herewith, you enter your name, phone number, address and e-mail id for our reference. We safeguard all these personal information with great care. We use the SSL transcription for data transferring to avoid misappropriation of our customer’s personal data.

Use of cookies:

We use the small text files namely cookies to store information regarding our customers. These cookies help us identify your browsing choice, preference of the webpage, products viewed and the items that have been chosen to place orders etc.

All these details regarding your visit to our website enable us to enhance our portals further and make the availability of more products through our online service and to satisfy the clients’ desires.

Your privacy- highly respected:

We give due respect to your privacy and hence we handle your personal information with utmost care and responsibility.

We never sell or rent out your details to any third party, in order to gain personal benefits. We do not share your data with any unauthorized individuals for any profitable reasons.

Never be careless:

When you log on and place order for biker boots, take care to be alert and beware of hackers. Once you are done with your orders, log out immediately. Keep your pass words safe and do not share with any third party unnecessarily.

Change your password often instead of using the same pass word all the time. Let your password be something unique that does not provide clue for other third party to guess easily.

Privacy is the customer’s right and we never interfere with the unsafe handling of the personal details of our customers.