How do I know the confirmation of my placement of order for biker boots?

As soon as the product is ready for shipment, you will be intimated via e-mail regarding the confirmation of placement of order for biker boots.

You can also track the details of the approximate delivery date of the order by entering your e-mail id or customer number provided to you in the confirmation e-mail.

How can I disable cookies, if I don’t feel comfortable with them?

In case you feel any discomfort using our website with the cookies enabled, you can disable them by changing the setting on your website browser. However they are not at all harmful to you in any way.

What happens if I forget my password to log on into your website?

If you forget your password, you can enter your e-mail id at sellers site to log in and then you can reset your password.

Can I add or remove a product from my already placed orders?

There is no option for adding or removing a product to your already placed order. But you are allowed to place a fresh order for an extra pair of biker boots you prefer to buy online through our website.

What should I do to change the delivery address?

Please get in touch with the customer-care department of the sellers to intimate the change of destination of the order that was placed earlier. They would oblige, only if the product has not been dispatched until the time of your change of address request.

Do you accept order over phone calls?

No, we do not accept any orders over phone calls for certain genuine entrepreneur difficulties. You can place your orders through e-mails only to shop online through our website at bikerboots.co.uk.